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Similar to the express queue feature at other centres, some jobs can be run at high priority, subject to some limitations.  There is no "charging rate" for this feature, meaning it is not a multiplier on your usage.  This feature is intended for short test jobs before running a large simulation, or for running short test jobs during code development.  It complements and should be considered before Extraordinary Resource Requests.

On Magnus and Zeus, while project usage is within the quarterly allocation, "high" priority mode is available, giving a significant priority boost above "normal" priority jobs.  High priority mode can be used for up to 5% of the quarterly allocation.  Once the quarterly allocation is used ("low" or "lowest" in the above section), or more than 5% is used in high priority mode, then access to high priority mode is removed until the quarterly reset.  You do not need to contact the helpdesk to use this feature.  The "quality of service" QOS feature of SLURM is used: