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You can download MobaXterm Home Edition from the following link: .

For If you do not have administrative (root) rights on your Windows machine, go for the "portable edition".

If you do have admin rights, you can eventually choose the "installer edition" (recommended) you might need administration rights on your Windows OS. Double-click the downloaded Microsoft Installer file (.msi), and the Windows wizard will automatically guide you through the installation process. Also make sure to check whether Windows Firewall hasn't blocked any features of this program after installation. If you do not have installation rights, you can try the "portable edition". 

Recommended settings in MobaXterm


  • Turn off the graphical SSH-browser (sftp client), which otherwise creates an unnecessary connection to the remote host. You should be using to transfer data with Pawsey systems, and there are better graphical interfaces such as Filezilla. See Transferring files for more information.
  • Leave X11-Forwarding enabled.  Then you don't need to "ssh -X".


In the General Settings of MobaXterm, change _ProfileDir_\Documents\MobaXterm to _AppDataDir_\MobaXterm as the base for the directories where MobaXterm keeps its settings etc. This avoids filling up the Documents library with small files, which will pollute Windows Search.

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Basic connection (using the "local terminal" option)

Start MobaXterm using, for example, the icon added to the Start menu during the installation process. Then click on "Start local terminal" option that should appear exactly in the middle of the MobaXterm window. From your local terminal you can use ssh command (as explained in the topics above), for example:

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For small remote GUI applications, use ssh -X if X11 forwarding is turned off in the MobaXterm settings. However, we recommend using the Pawsey Remote Visualisation for large GUI applications such as ParaView or Visit.