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There are a number of filesystems mounted by Pawsey supercomputers:

  • /scratch is a large, high-performance filesystem intended for short term use by jobs actively running on the system.
  • /group is a mid-tier filesystem intended for actively used files needed for the length of a project. 
  • /home is a smaller filesystem that should only be used for configuration files that are expected by software to be located there.
  • /pawsey is a read-only filesystem where system-wide modules are located.
  • /astro is a filesystem that supports the operation of the ASKAP and MWA radio telescopes, refer to The Astronomy Filesystem for more information.


The $PAWSEY_PROJECT environment variable is used for your Pawsey project, if you have access to multiple projects replace it with the relevant project code, set the desired value through the file ~/.pawsey_project.

To avoid the need to copy files between systems, the same filesystems are visible on all of the Pawsey supercomputers.