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For further information on the organisation of the software stack at Pawsey and levels of support for software installation, see Software Stack Policies.

Using the correct Linux group on /software

Some programs like make  and cmake may generate files associated with the personal group of the user, instead of the project one. For this reason, any software build program generating files on the /software filesystem must be executed using the sg Linux utility to make sure the process is run with the correct group ID. All files under /software must belong to the Linux group of the project they are created by, to contribute towards the correct quota limit. If you fail to do so, these files are accounted for in your personal quote that is meant to limit /home  usage and is much more limited. For instance, to install the namd package using Spack Pawsey staff may run something like

$ sg pawsey0001 -c 'spack install namd'.

If you want to run a CMake build, you would type a command similar to

$ sg $PAWSEY_PROJECT -c 'cmake ..; make; make install'

Decide on an installation method