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module load bbcp
bbcp --port 40000:41000 -T "ssh -x -a -oFallBackToRsh=no %I -l %U %H PATH_TO_BBCP_ON_LOCAL_MACHINE/bbcp" file.dat username@localsystem:/directory_on_local_system/


If you are moving large data files, globus-url-copy provides an alternative to scp which can be faster, although transfer of the data itself may be insecure. Use is similar to that of scp in that both ends of the transaction must support the globus-url-copy protocol. Note that globes-url-copy requires absolute paths to be specified, and no wildcards are available . (It can therefore be convenient to execute copies of more than one or two files via a batch script with ssh keys enabled; see below.)).  Please note that the GLOBUS_PORT_RANGE for Pawsey is defined as 40000-41000

The recommended options for globus-url-copy are described in the following table.