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Each email to is routed to our web-based ticketing system. It is assigned a unique identity (called a ticket number) and held in a queue to be read by a Helpdesk Operator. Operators monitor the queue during normal business hours (that is, 9am—5pm WSTAWST), so you can be assured that your enquiry will be read promptly during these times. Once read, the Operator will usually pass the enquiry to an appropriate expert (the Handler), who will progress the query to its resolution. The Handler will usually be in touch with you within a couple of days. If for any reason it will take more than a couple of days to resolve your enquiry, then either the Operator or Handler will be in touch to let you know. Sometimes we may move a query from one Handler to another – if, for example, a Handler is unexpectedly away or if the topic requires the attention of a different expert.