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The Zeus cluster will be expanded from a pre/post processing cluster to a mid-range compute cluster in December 2017. This will be achieved by adding 90 nodes with the following configuration:

  • Two 2.4 GHz 14-core Intel Xeon "Broadwell" CPUs
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 100 Gbps OminiPath high-speed interconnect

To support these next-generation technologies, all of Zeus will be moving to SLES 12 in December 2017 including Zythos. To help test the new expansion, we are looking for researchers who want early access to the system before it goes into full-production next year.

If you are interested in testing out the new system, especially if you are currently using Zeus as part of your workflow, please e-mail with your:

  • project code
  • list of software you require

For those successful researchers, we give you access to the "workq" partition on athena to access the new nodes in their test configuration.

Only single node jobs will be allowed in testing as we are currently testing the MPI version which will be deployed in production.

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