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VMD is a molecular visualisation program for displaying, animating, and analysing large biomolecular systems using 3-D graphics and built-in scripting.  It may be used to view more general molecules, as VMD can read standard Protein Data Bank (PDB) files and display the contained structure. VMD provides a wide variety of methods for rendering and colouring a molecule. VMD can be used to animate and analyse the trajectory of a molecular dynamics (MD) simulation.

Starting a VMD session:

Please follow the instructions at Getting started: Web-based remote visualisation 7/4/2020 and start either a "Desktop" or "Xterm" session. If you have started a "Desktop" session, open a Xterm terminal by right clicking on the desktop.

Inside your Xterm window, type the following commands:

module load virtualgl vmd
vglrun vmd

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