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When accessing the help application using a Pawsey login.

If you have a login on the Pawsey systems you can still deal with Pawsey via email as you would if you did not have one.

Lodging a ticket via email

Send an email to
You will get an email confirming your ticket has been lodged with a ticket identifier in it.

Managing your ticket via email

You can add comments to the ticket by replying to the ticket lodgement email containing the relevant ticket identifier.
If you get more emails regarding a ticket, replying to those will also put a comment into the ticket the email refers to.

With your Pawsey login.

You can still lodge and deal with Pawsey via email or use your login to the Service Desk system.
  1. You can continue to work via email as used by people with no login (as above).
  2. Or with a login you can go to the portal to lodge, monitor and manage your tickets.

Lodging a ticket using your Pawsey login

Go to the Pawsey Service Desk Portal located Here: and login using your Pawsey login details.
Select the option you wish to use from the list displayed.
  1. This will show a form to be completed with some basic fields in it, complete the form with as much information as you have to help the technicians to best provide support. The forms may differ depending on which one you choose, but complete what you can.
  2. It will email you a confirmation with the ticket details in it, there is also link at the bottom of the email you can use which will send you to the ticket in the system so you can manage your ticket.

You can manage your ticket via your login to the Service Desk by following the ticket link, or just logging into the Service Desk and going to the portal located here:

When you have logged in, it will show the portal screen, but in the top right hand corner it will also show a tray icon with a counter of how many tickets you have open. To list them, select the link under the number and
it will list your tickets, then from there you can drill down into whichever one you wish. Once you are in the ticket, you can:
  • Monitor the status of your ticket.
  • See any comments in the ticket.
  • Add comments to the ticket.
  • Add attachments to the ticket.
  • Add people to the ticket so they get updates.