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The following page is an example of how Cloudstor might be leveraged to transfer data to Pawsey systems if required.

Cloudstor offers 1TB of data for free to individual researcher at AARNet-connected institution.

1. Access Cloudstor

Go to the URL and click “LOGIN TO CLOUDSTOR” to login with your host institution's credentials.

Once your username and password have been verified, you should land on your own CloudStor page.

From here, you can upload files with your browser, or with command line.

Command line data movement
Using rclone to move data (recommended)

rclone is a free tool for command line data transfer, which is very easy to use after following a few config steps. Instructions for how to install and configure rclone for cloudstor can be found here: This can be used to setup rclone on your local machine and/or Pawsey and Nimbus as desired.

We have linked this article so it will always stay current with Cloudstor's documentation.

Using curl to move data

As an example of using curl:

curl --progress-bar --verbose -T my_file.txt --user | tee /dev/null

The command will only work if my_dir exists, so create it using the web interface prior to running the command. Otherwise, remove my_dir/ from the line and you can upload directly to the root directory. Do not forget the trailing /.

The command will prompt you for a password. Use your CloudStor password that you created when you first logged onto CloudStor.

You can also use curl to send other request methods, such as deleting a file.

curl -X DELETE --user