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If you are interested in applying for any of these projects please go here for student applications.

Deadline extended to 7th September.

Project CodeProject TitleProject SupervisorsContact emailAffiliation
Proj001Dr. Evelyne University


An Effective Framework for Crossmatching Catalogues

John Morgan

john.morgan@icrar.orgICRAR/Curtin University
Proj003Optimisation of GPU-accelerated Gravitational Wave Search PipelineLinqing Wenlinqing.wen@gmail.comThe University of Western Australia
Proj004Bioelectrochemistry at the liquid-liquid interface: the mechanism of protein-mediated ion transferProf Ricardo L. University
Proj005Optimising filter generation for gravitational wave detectionJoel University of Western Australia
Proj006Designing reconstituted high density lipoproteins as a cholesterol-lowering therapy in cardiovascular disease: a molecular dynamics simulation studyProf Ricardo L. Curtin University
Proj007How does cryopreservation damage cell membranes?Prof Ricardo L. Curtin University
Proj008The amyloid beta-amylin interaction: is there a molecular link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease?Prof Ricardo L. Curtin University
Proj009Understanding the molecular basis of Alzheimer's disease: computer simulation of the aggregation of phosphorylated Tau proteinProf Ricardo L. Curtin University
Proj010Visualisation of 3D GeodynamicsWeronika Gorczykweronika.gorczyk@gmail.comThe University of Western Australia
Proj011Winds of the Young SunA/Prof Stephen of Southern Queensland (USQ)
Proj012Cut-off grade optimization for large data sets using CPLEX programMuhammad Asim University
Proj013Evaluation of sub-hourly precipitation simulations from high resolution regional climate model simulationsDr. Jatin University
Proj014Do cancer-mutational mechanisms predict drugs that will promote tumour-immunity?Mark Kids Institute
Proj015Resonant flows around an oscillatory cylinderFeifei University of Western Australia
Proj016Identify unique gene signatures corresponding to tumour-associated haematopoietic cellsParwinder Kids Institute
Proj017Interfacial behaviour of asymetric cationic surfactantChi University
Proj018Developing more efficient techniques of optimisation for searching phylogenetic tree spaceLaura University of Western Australia
Proj019Meta-Analysis of Australian Tick MicrobiomesCharlotte University
Proj020Advanced geophysical data processing and Earth imagingAlan Aitken

The University of Western Australia

Expansion of Monitoring For Pawsey Supercomputing Infrastructure

Mark O'Shea

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre/CSIRO
Proj022Energy Storage in Electrodes with Complex GeometriesDrew Parsons University
Proj023Satellite Remote Sensing of the EnvironmentDr. Peter Fearns University

Collision data for plasma modeling: electron collisions with highly charged ions

Prof. Dmitry V Fursa

Curtin University

Analysis of some thermodynamic properties of the liquid/gas interface of a water/h2s system using either MCCCS Towhee or GCMC in LAMMPS

Assoc.Prof. Stefan Iglauer

Curtin University

Prediction of lattice energy of ritonavir polymorphs

Assoc. Prof. Ekaterina Pas

Monash University
Proj027Meeting the computing challenges of next generation radio surveysMinh HuynhMinh.Huynh@csiro.auCSIRO, ICRAR/The University of Western Australia
Proj028Modelling of the installation of pile supports for offshore energy generationBritta University of Western Australia
Proj029Historical Image Classification SystemJoshua University
Proj0303D stereoscopic visualisation of calcified coronary plaquesProf Zhonghua University
Proj031Hydrogen production by ammonia decomposition over transitional metal nitridesDr Mohammednoor University
Proj032Quantum Machine LearningJingbo University of Western Australia
Proj033Investigating Container technologies and workflows on Pawsey HPC and cloud systemsBrian Supercomputing Centre
Proj034Data Extraction from CT imagery of mist filtration and comparison with CFDDr. Abishek University
Proj035Carbon Potential BenchmarkingA/Prof Nigel University
Proj036Thermal Conductivity in Zinc OxideA/Prof Nigel University
Proj037Distributed file IO in OpenFOAM - with application to bio-medical flowsDr Andrew University
Proj038Dynamics of bubbles rising in fluidsMonica University
Proj039Simulations of turbutlent flows in the respiratory tractDr Ryan University
Proj040Trainable Animal Image Identification ApplicationDr Andrew University
Proj041Hydrodynamics of pipelines on rocky seabedLiang University of Western Australia
Proj042The effect of Deposition on the Morphology on the Efficiency of Organic Light Emitting DiodesProf Alan of Queensland
Proj043Patient-specific 3D printed models of renal tumours in pre-surgical planning and simulationProf Zhonghua University

Collision data for plasma modeling of fusion plasma (ITER): electron collisions with He2+

Prof. Dmitry V University

Collision data for plasma modeling: electron collisions with alkali-metal negative ions

Prof. Dmitry V University

ECU Render Farm: A Farm in the Clouds

Shane Cowan University

Large-scale simulation of massive fluid injection in thermo-poro- mechanical systems

Dr. Ali of Western Australia

Modelling ion-atom collision processes for fusion plasma diagnostics

Professor Alisher Kadyrov University
Proj049Controlling the astronomical data flow of IMAGINEAttila
Proj050Fast follow-up of Long Gamma Ray Bursts with the MWAPaul Hancock
Proj051Finding galaxies in wavelet transformed data using deep learning on MovidiusDr. Slava
Proj052Finding the closest pulsar with the Murchison Widefield ArrayRamesh
Proj053Hunting for fast radio bursts

Dr. Jean-Pierre Macquart

Looking for “unexpected” sources of RFI or: Can I see a train 600km away with a Radio Telescope

Kevin Vinsenkevin.vinsen@icrar.orgICRAR-UWA

Parallelise Deep Learning Algorithms for Radio Galaxy Detection

Chen Wuchen.wu@icrar.orgICRAR-UWA
Proj056Searching for antimatter in the GalaxyLister Staveley-SmithLister.Staveley-Smith@icrar.orgICRAR-UWA
Proj057Searching for MWA detections of optically flaring starsGemma

Software for remote visualisation of extremely large scientific data

Dr. Slava
Proj059Extraction of Mineral grain distributions in Complex Ore types based on images from high resolution mineral mappingA/Prof Nimal