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It is Pawsey policy that the Pawsey Supercomputing team (our in-house supercomputing specialists) have access to project-group directories, such as '/scratch/*', '/group/*', /astro/*', etc.

This is done to streamline user support, to reduce the time taken to progress in-depth Helpdesk queries, and to eliminate the need for users to email large file-sets to the Supercomputing team when raising technical queries.

One should note that this policy does not affect a user's home directory: Supercomputing Team members are not able to view or access files stored there. Similarly, a user may set the group of directories or files to themselves so that no other person may access them.

Project members may opt out of this policy by stating in each relevant helpdesk ticket that Supercomputing team members do not have permission to access project-group directories. Project members should be aware that this could increase the time taken to resolve technical queries or limit the Supercomputing team's ability to assist them.