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Pawsey supports a wide range of software packages from Physics to Bioinformatics, from Chemistry to Fluid Dynamics. All packages are managed by and accessed through the Module System. Different software may be installed on different machines due to their intended purposes

Note that you can also install packages in your own /group directory using the Pawsey Build Tool: Maali. The configuration files are available at

When logged into a system, this will list all software on that system which is available via modules

module avail

When logged into a system, this will search and list all software on that system which contains the keyword "align" in its description

module apropos align

The following list is a subset of the centrally installed (supported) software at Pawsey. The full list is significantly larger.  The list on this page contains popular packages and those where we have documentation on how to use on Pawsey systems.




Engineering Applications


Miscellaneous Applications

Development Libraries

  • Boost
  • LAPACK and SaLAPACK- use cray-libsci or intel-mkl
  • FFTW - use cray-fftw, fftw or intel-mkl

Python Libraries


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