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As of January 2020, Pawsey will be phasing in a quota limit of 1GB on the user home area

  • ie /home/{Pawsey username}
  • Once you have exceeded your quota, you will be unable to write anything to /home/{Pawsey username} which may impact any of your jobs which require write access to home area.
  • You will get an automated alert on any of the interactive login nodes that you have exceeded the quota:
Quota on /home exceeded, targeted amount for Jan 2020 is 1024Mb
 * Current Usage is 9129Mb
 * Please refer to the documentation for help

  • You can find out the quota status of your home area via the "quota" command:
cou000@magnus-1:~> quota -s cou000
Disk quotas for user cou000 (uid 20375):

     Filesystem   space   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
netapp00:/vol/home   1536M  1024M  1024M             259    105m    105m     

The first four entries refer to the amount of storage, and the last four entries to the total number of files.


Users affected need to reduce the amount of data they are housing in their personal home area prior to quota enforcement as of Jan 2020.

  • Advisement is to migrate the data from your personal home storage area ie /home/{username} onto the group filesystem ie /group/{Project Code}/{Pawsey username}
  • If for some reason, you have coded paths such that they need to be in the same position in your home directory, the recommendation is to create a symlink from the old area in home to the new area in group.

Software should not be installed in your home area, as this affects performance of your running jobs and also affects other users.  Software should be installed in the group filesystem which has significantly higher performance.  See Where to install software on supercomputers.

An example, migrate an area called "data" from home area to my personal group storage area where I need it still visible in the old area.  Specifically, migrate the directory "/home/cou000/data" to "/group/courses01/cou000/data".


username: cou000

Project Code: courses01

  1. Get a usage breakdown of directories in your home area

    cou000@magnus-2:~> pwd
    cou000@magnus-2:~> du -sh *
    602M	data
    1M 	    test1
    4.0K	test2
  2.  Create the destination area

    cou000@magnus-2:~> pwd
    cou000@magnus-2:~> mkdir -p /group/courses01/cou000/data
  3. Transfer the data over from the source area to the destination area (Using rsync, you can use other methods but ensure you copy recursively for all files and directories please refer to Pawsey documentation section for Transferring files)

    cou000@magnus-2:~> pwd
    cou000@magnus-2:~> rsync -vhsrl --chmod=Dg+s /home/cou000/data/ /group/courses01/cou0000/data/
    sending incremental file list
    sent 264 bytes  received 77 bytes  682.00 bytes/sec
    total size is 0  speedup is 0.00
  4. Ensure the source and destination are the same in terms of your files and directories.  You can use any mechanism you choose but I'm just going to go via disk usage ie "du" where usage should be the same

    cou000@magnus-2:~> du -sh /home/cou000/data
    602M	/home/cou000/data
    cou000@magnus-2:~> du -sh /group/courses01/cou000/data
    602M	/group/courses01/cou000/data
  5. Remove the source destination after you have confirmed your files have been transferred (Ie delete files and directories in the source destination directory.  Be absolutely careful with the "rm -rf" as this will absolutely delete all the files and subdirectories (double check the path before running the command).

    cou000@magnus-2:~> pwd
    cou000@magnus-2:~> rm -rf /home/cou000/data
  6. This is an optional step where you create a symlink to point to the new storage area (This helps if you have programs or scripts that are hard coded to a certain path ie in home and can't be changed)

    cou000@magnus-2:~> pwd
    cou000@magnus-2:~>ln -s /group/courses01/cou000/data /home/cou000/data
    cou000@magnus-2:~>ls -al /home/cou000/data

    (It should behave as previously, as if the data was still originally in /home/cou000/data)

  7. Check the quota status of your home area (It should be reduced by the amount you have migrated)

    cou000@magnus-1:~> quota -s cou000
    Disk quotas for user cou000 (uid 20375):
         Filesystem   space   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
    netapp00:/vol/home   934M  1024M  1024M             259    105m    105m