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This page describes how to use Origin for project management.

Origin login page:

On this page:


Origin provides Researchers using Pawsey services an overview of the projects they participate in and allows the Principle Investigators and authorised administrators the ability to manage their team.

The main project view shows the compute and storage resources available to the project along with details for each of the members in the project.

Do note that the storage and compute resources currently do not provide any indication of the amount used or amount remaining.

Updating My Details

Contact details can be modified from the MY ACCOUNT menu option.

The username and institutional email address cannot be modified from this view.

If you require a change to an institutional email address please contact the Pawsey Helpdesk Service.

Managing A Project

If you are the Principal Investigator or an authorised administrator of a project you will have the additional option to MANAGE TEAM from the navigation menu.

From this view any in-flight invitations are displayed along with the ability to invite new project members and modify authorised administrators.

Inviting a New Project Member

Selecting the New Invite button will present an invitation form.

Enter the the firstname, surname and email address of the user and if applicable select if the new user is a student or if they should have administrative privileges on the project.

Once completed click the Create Invite button to send an invitation request to the user.

The invitation request can be tracked via the main Manage Team view.

Once the user has completed the invitation they will be added to the project and will become visible in the members list.

Removing a Project Member

All removals are handled manually by Pawsey staff.

Please contact the Pawsey Helpdesk Service to request a project member removed.