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Pawsey obtains feedback from users from a variety of formal and informal mechanisms.

The User Forums are community discussions that are held several times a year at different locations across Australia. These events facilitate detailed discussions between users and Pawsey staff. The feedback discussion from previous events is available on the Pawsey User Forums page, and upcoming events are listed in the Pawsey events calendar.

The Annual Survey is conducted towards the end of each year. In addition to specific feedback, the survey is used to generate more general metrics for overall user satisfaction. Historical trends are available on the Pawsey User Survey page.

The Helpdesk can also be used to provide feedback, by opening a ticket via the User Support Portal.

The Partner Liaisons are an avenue of feedback for users at Pawsey Partner institutions.

Feedback can also be provided directly to Pawsey staff.

Any feedback that generates actions is tracked in Pawsey's internal ticketing system.

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