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Welcome to Pawsey's training resources hub. 

  • This page contains Pawsey's training materials including documentation, video links and GitHub links.
  • Use the table below to search for training content using the filters below (topic, level, name etc.) For information on re-use and licensing, see Conditions of Use.
  • If you would like to open links in a new window press ctrl and click on the link. 
  • To see a listing of upcoming training and events, see the Pawsey Events page.

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YearTopicLevelDocumentationVideosGitHubShort Description
Designing Containers for Python and Radio-Astronomy (tutorial series), September 20202020ContainersIntermediateDesigning containers for Python and Radio-Astronomy

YouTube Playlist

Hands-on practice with the development of Python containers for radio-astronomy on HPC.
Develop with CUDA2021SupercomputingIntermediateDevelop with Cuda

GPU programming essentials with CUDA.
Develop with MPI2018SupercomputingIntermediateParallelize your code with MPI

Introduction to parallel programming with MPI.
Develop with OpenACC2018SupercomputingIntermediateIntroduction to OpenACC

Accelerate code on GPUs with OpenACC.
Develop with OpenMP2018SupercomputingIntermediateParallelize your code with OpenMP

Introduction to parallel programming with OpenMP.
High-Performance Computing with Python (External)2021 SupercomputingAdvancedHigh-Performance Computing with Python

The course shows how Python can be used on parallel architectures and how to optimize critical parts of code using various tools.
Introduction to Containers on HPC2022ContainersCoreIntroduction to Containers on HPC

This course will introduce you to using containers in HPC environments and on Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre systems.
Introduction to the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre2021





CoreIntroduction to Pawsey

Advancing science through supercomputing.
Introducing Remote Visualisation2021VisualisationCoreIntroducing remote visualisation

Introduction to remote visualisation facilities at Pawsey.
Kokkos Lecture Series (External)2020SupercomputingAdvancedKokkos tutorials

Kokkos implements a programming model in C++ for writing performance portable applications targeting all major HPC platforms. This series presents an extensive introduction into everything necessary to start using Kokkos.
Nextflow Training Workshop (External)2022 DataIntermediateNextflow training workshop

Nextflow enables scalable and reproducible scientific workflows. This workshop is a deep dive into its most prominent features.
Optimising Serial Code2021SupercomputingIntermediateOptimising Serial Code

Introduction to serial code optimisation.
Pawsey Merit Allocation Training2022SupercomputingCorePawsey Merit Allocation Training 

Setonix overview and merit allocation schemes for 2022.
ROCm Learning Centre (External)2022SupercomputingAdvancedROCm Learning Centre

ROCm Learning Center offers resources to developers looking to tap the power of accelerated (GPU) computing.
Using Containers in Bioinformatics (workshop series)2020ContainersIntermediateSingularity Containers for Bioinformatics

This workshop provides an interactive forum to explore the merits, advantages and limitations of applying containers in bioinformatics.
Using Containers with OpenFOAM (workshop series)2020ContainersIntermediateOpenFoam Containers at Pawsey

Hands-on practice with the use of OpenFOAM containers for computational fluid dynamics on HPC.
Using the Nimbus Research Cloud Series2020CloudCore

This course will introduce you to the use of Nimbus, the research cloud at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.
Using Supercomputers – User Training2022SupercomputingCore

M01 -Introduction

M02 - Logging In

M03 - Filesystem Overview.pdf

M04 - Moving data in and out

M05 - Using software models

M06 - Using software containers

M07 - Accounting model overview

M08 - Job scheduling overview

M09 - Running jobs

M10 - Testing job runs

M11 - Managing project data

YouTube Playlist

The training is aimed at guiding 'New Users' through the basic steps and concepts required to interact with a supercomputer.

Visualising Data with ParaView Part 1, 2020 2020VisualisationCoreParaView Part 1

Visualisation using ParaView.
Visualising Data with ParaView Part 1, 2020 2020VisualisationCoreParaView Part 2

Visualisation using ParaView.
Webinar and Tutorial Series on Containers2020ContainersIntermediate

Slides - Containers on HPC and Cloud

Tutorial - Containers on HPC and Cloud with Singularity

YouTube Playlist

Software portability, data reproducibility, scaling to HPC. This series answers key questions about containers.
Setonix Migration2022SupercomputingCore

YouTube Playlist

This contains materials used by Pawsey when conducting its Setonix Migration Training in 2022.

After Setonix Migration finishes, this page will no longer be available. From that point, foundational Setonix information will be contained in Pawsey's core training modules.

Acacia Workshop2022DataCore

Acacia Workshop Material

YouTube Playlist

This workshop introduces the Acacia object store and discusses how to use it from Setonix and your computer.


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