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The Program

The annual, paid Pawsey Summer Internship Program takes place during the Australian summer, for 10 weeks (late November through mid February). During this time, interns work alongside national and/or international supervisors and collaborators.

This Program enables undergraduate students to develop skills in computational science by giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in advanced computing research projects. Interns are supervised by leading researchers and undertake challenging research projects using resources provided by Pawsey. Supervisors and sponsors benefit from the opportunity to understand the technologies and learn new techniques for their research area.

During their Internship, interns learn not from their supervisors and from Pawsey staff, who provide an upfront, intense week of training on good practices of using Pawsey resources, good practices for video and poster creation & presentation, techniques for scientific communication, and more. With the support of Intern Mentors, interns will also form a Community of Practice.

The Internship Program is ideal for students looking to complement their discipline knowledge with hands-on, real-world experience.  

Applicant Eligibility

The Internship Program is open to 3rd year undergraduate students (including honours) through Masters students at Australian higher education institutions. 

Only students who have NOT participated previously in a Pawsey Summer Internship Program are eligible to apply.

To be eligible to apply you must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or an international student who has full work rights for the 12 weeks duration. Pawsey does not provide visa sponsorship for interns.

Applicants will be assessed on several criteria, including the matching of their skills to specific project skills & location requirements (if any).

What’s it like to be a Pawsey intern?

If you’re wondering what it is like to take part in a Pawsey internship, check out the 2020/2021 internship videos.


Project applications and intern applications open in June and August, respectively. Go to the appropriate link for more information:

Pawsey Internships Alumni 

Pawsey has hosted many wonderful, talented intern students as part of the Pawsey Summer Internship Program. To see the list of previous students, visit our Alumni page.

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