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To ensure a smooth operation, all systems housed in Pawsey Centre undergo routine maintenance on a regular basis. This is to take preventative approaches towards any hazards or risks that might affect the functionality of the whole service in the future if not taken care of now. It usually includes software/hardware update, routine performance checks and faulty component replacement if there is any. 

The current maintenance time is scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month and users will normally be notified the week before

Other than the above-mentioned maintenance, there is also occasionally outages that would appear, unscheduled. These are usually when there is some unexpected incidents with either the nodes, interconnection or even the cooling system around the machine. When this happens, we do ask users for their patience and understanding, and our system admins will work very hard to try and get the system back up while sustaining all the jobs in the queue.

For a list of previous or upcoming maintenance sessions or incidents logs, please see below. Pages starting with 'M-' mean maintenance logs and 'I-' means incident. Suffix '-All' means all systems are affected while '-SC' means supercomputing only, '-Data' data only and '-Vis' visualisation only. 







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