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Points of Contact: 

Start Date/Time (AWST):



David Schibeci
(Technical Manager, Capital Refresh)

Estimated End Date/Time (AWST):


Mark Gray
(Head of Scientific Platforms)

End Date/Time (AWST):



MailChimp - Pawsey users 



13th - 19th January 2023

Systems/Services Affected:

All Pawsey services will be impacted by this work, timings for recovery will depend on the progress of the underpinning building systems tasks and any maintenance to the systems which is needed:

Setonix, Garrawarla, Galaxy, Topaz, Acacia (Online/Warm Data Storage), Banksia (Offline/Cool Data Storage), Askap Ingest, MWA Archive (ASVO), Pawsey Data Portal (Mediaflux), Nebula, Visualisation Lab. Nimbus (Cloud)


The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre normally schedules Maintenance for the first Tuesday of every month, between 0800 and 2000. 

Note: Pawsey will be altering the date of, and extending the window for, the January 2023 Maintenance

This is to encompass several major jobs which have been aligned to reduce the number of outages.

These tasks include the yearly maintenance of High Voltage building systems, regular maintenance of compute and storage systems, and the final work to connect Phase 2 of the new Setonix Supercomputer.

Most systems will be returned to service on Monday (16th January 2023), however the integration of Setonix Phase 1 and Phase 2 require additional time which means Setonix will not be returned to service until Tuesday (17th January 2023).

Pawsey have extended the window for this Maintenance, so as to allow for multiple on-site Cray/HPE engineers,
along with some Cray/HPE engineers who are working remotely, to complete the integration of Setonix Phases 1 and 2.



Monday 16th Jan

  • 09:15 Core services, which will allow technical staff to begin the return to service of Pawsey resurces are operational.
  • 10:55 Nimbus (Cloud) has been returned to service
  • 15:25 Acacia S3 services ( and have now been restored
  • 14:45 Topaz returned to service
  • 16:55 Askap Ingest returned to service

Tuesday 17th Jan

  • 11:05 Galaxy returned to service
  • 13:50 The return to service of Setonix has been pushed back by two days

Thursday 19th Jan

  • 11:25 The return to service of Setonix has been pushed back indefintiely (refer to email sent via Pawsey Users mailchimp channel)

Thursday 25th Jan

  • 14:43 Setonix Phase 1 has been returned to service without the login nodes (but with Cassini cards).
    Note: The work around integration of Setonix Phases 1 and 2 remains ongoing, but is now outside the scope of this Maintenanace.

Further information:

Individual operational units within Pawsey may provide information, as to the work they are carrying out, via their own pages.

Such pages, if created, will be linked to from here: