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Points of Contact: 

Start Date/Time (AWST):



David Schibeci
(Technical Manager, Capital Refresh)

Estimated End Date/Time (AWST):



Mark Gray (Head of Platforms)  

End Date/Time (AWST):




Pawsey Scheduled Maintenance

Systems/Services Affected:

Setonix, Topaz, Zeus

Statuspage URL:


Phase 2 of Setonix will be integrated into Phase 1


  • Phase 2 of Setonix will be integrated into Phase 1, and all jobs will run on Phase 2 with upgraded network cards (Cassini) and libfabric - deferred until the new year.
  • Phase 1 hardware will be offlined to that the network cards can be replaced at a future date to match Phase 2 hardware - deferred until the new year (Phase 1 is available as before).
  • Topaz, removal of old "/scratch" filesystem that was previously available via Magnus and Zeus

    • "/scratch" will be substituted with a sub area on "/group"
  • Remaining Zeus service will be de-comissioned (ie and related accesses and services)


  • Friday 16th

13:30 Topaz has been returned to service 

17:10 Setonix has been returned to service

    • Some residual compute nodes during a upgrade needs to be addressed

Further information:

This page documents the work of the SCOps team on this Maintenance day: other work may be visible via the page for the whole day