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Planned Start Date/Time (WST)


Planned End Date/Time (WST)


End Date/Time (WST) 
SummaryReboot and minor maintenance of Magnus.
Systems/Services AffectedMagnus only


Points of Contact



  • Mark O'Shea


  • David Schibeci


  • pawsey_users


  • Reboot of Magnus to cleanly put a cabinet back in service.
  • While the machine isn't running jobs we'll take the opportunity to fix a leak in a strainer on the cooling loop.
  • Reconnecting a fibre cable that should help people using DDT in a particular way.
  • Aiming to bring Magnus back in to service well before the end of the change window.
  • Brief outages to the two eLogin nodes

Post-Maintenance Summary:

  • The plumbing work has been completed.
  • Cabinet 5 has been returned to service.
  • The 10Gb connection to the RSIP node has been recabled.