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Points of Contact:

Start Date/Time (AWST)


Responsible:Chris Schlipalius
Estimated End Date/Time (AWST)

Accountable:Mark Gray
End Date/Time (AWST)


Informed:CASDA and MWA Admins
SummaryPawsey HSM partial outage
Systems/Services AffectedData Portal, HSM, CASDA and MWA nodes.


  • DMF is not processing requests.
  • CASDA is unable to access a filesystem
  • HPe Maintenance has been contacted


  • DMF has stopped responding to all requests.
  • Vendor data collected
  • Kernel dump of main metadata server initiated.
  • Cluster unstable and all clients unable to access any filesystems.


  • Cluster stable minus primary Metadata Server.
  • Primary Metadata Server rebooted.
  • Cluster complete and stable
  • DMF restarted
  • HSM files being processed.

20210902 08:15

  • HSM stable over night, returning to service

Post-Incident Summary: