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Start Date/Time (AWST)


Estimated End Date/Time (AWST)
End Date/Time (AWST)

 @ 2:30pm

Summary:Lustre Filesystem "/askapbuffer" degraded (Storage unit askap-fs1-array02)
Systems/Services Affected:Any fielsystem that has /askapbuffer mounted ie Galaxy & Zeus 

Points of Contact:


  • Ashley Chew


  • Ashley Chew



  • askap-fs1-array02 storge unit has no high availability

    • Controller A has failed / non-responsive
    • Controller B has taken over all storage luns
  • There is no issue with access of the lustre filesystem /askapbuffer
    • There is a degradation in performance on luns situated on askap-fs1-array02 storage array as it's all handled by one controller
    • System is no longer in High Availability mode due to Controller A
  • In talks in remediating the situation with vendor on the SANs storage array
  • At 2:15pm, an attempt was made to restore controller A for askap-fs1-array02
  • At 2:30pm controller A was restored for askap-fs1-array02
    • HA has been restored for the controller pair

Post-Incident Summary: