This page describes how to run CFX, which is part of the Ansys suite of programs. 


To run Fluent you need to be added to the ansys  group and have set up your floating licence. Please refer to:


You will only run CFX in batch mode. Slurm batch scripts need to load the appropriate cfx  module and then launch the program. When running on Cray systems, there are additional runtime arguments that need to be passed. Listing 1 shows an example. 

Listing 1. Sample Slurm script to run CFX
#!/bin/bash -l
# list resources for your job using #SBATCH
# load the module
#CFX is a module in ansys-fluids package
module load ansys-fluids/version

# Tell CFX where the licence server is.

# run the job 
cfx5solve # list of arguments 
# for Running on Cray systems like Magnus/Galaxy and Setonix you will 
# need to add extra arguments
cfx5solve -start-method "Cray MPI Distributed Parallel" -partition 4

When running the program, use a sensible number of partitions, which will depend on your individual model as well as the number of nodes you are running on.  Make sure the overlap of partitions is small, and aim for less than 10% overlap.

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