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Researchers from Australian research organisations can get access to Pawsey visualisation resources. All users with supercomputing allocation to Magnus have access to Topaz RemoteVis and you don't need to fill-out any application. If you are looking to apply for Nebula or Pawsey Visualisation Lab, you can apply via Pawsey application portal. Login to Pawsey application portal using your AAF credentials and apply. If your institution is not listed in AAF Subscriber Institutions, you can create a login using your email address. 

This application should be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI), who leads the research work and must be employed at an Australian university or research institution. Please note students can't directly apply for visualisation services, instead the application should be submitted by their supervisors.

Pawsey conditions of use:


All publications resulting from the use of Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre facilities and communications infrastructure must acknowledge the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre. Addition of the following text to the paper acknowledgments will be sufficient:

“This work was supported by resources provided by the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre with funding from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia."


All researchers using Pawsey Facilities and communication infrastructure must have their own individual account. Sharing of identity, sharing of passwords for a specific identity and group (or project) identities are all strictly prohibited.

Data Policy

Researchers are recommended to use their institute provided cloud for data transfer. Pawsey Visualisation Team does NOT take any responsibility of data backups.

Network Policy

All traffic on the Pawsey network may be monitored, and network access to individuals and hosts may be terminated without notice, if network activity is considered inappropriate. Inappropriate use includes downloading or uploading of offensive or illegal or copyrighted content. The Pawsey network is not to be used for the sharing of music, movies or videos, nor for the purpose of connecting to Pawsey servers or external servers or organisations for which the user does not have authorised access.

Please see detailed Conditions of Use of Pawsey resources at