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General Criteria

The Conditions of Use apply to all Pawsey systems.  Of particular note are:

  • Account sharing is strictly prohibited, and will result in disabled accounts.
  • Publications resulting from the use of Pawsey infrastructure must be acknowledged, with the text "This work was supported by resources provided by The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre with funding from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia".
  • In any financial year that you use Pawsey resources, you must submit an annual report as requested.

The project leader for any Supercomputer project must be a staff member at an Australian research institution (merit projects) or business (commercial projects).  The project leader can add others to their project (students, international researchers), but ultimately the project leader is accountable for any activity under their project.

Use of Pawsey Project Infrastructure is conditional on complying with relevant laws and export controls, including:

Access Criteria for Specific Systems


Galaxy is only available for radio-astronomy-focused operations. Specifically, it is used to support ASKAP Operations and MWA Operations, which are two of the Square Kilometre Array precursor projects currently under way in the north-west of Western Australia. For ASKAP, Galaxy acts as a real-time computer, allowing direct processing of data delivered to the Pawsey Centre from the Murchison Radio Observatory

Magnus and Zeus

Pawsey reserves the right to move projects to the most appropriate resource.  Examples include moving projects from GPU access to CPU-only access, or vice-versa, and moving projects that do not need a high speed interconnect from Magnus to Zeus.