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The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is supported by $90 million funding as part of the Australian Government’s measures to support national research infrastructure under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and related programs through the Department of Education.

To help ensure that supercomputing resources are used effectively and efficiently, Pawsey allocates compute time to researchers through project awards. Proposals for projects may be submitted through one of a number of schemes (detailed in Allocation Schemes) that Pawsey operates or participates in.

Through these allocation schemes, Pawsey strives to:

  • maximise the research impact of Pawsey supercomputing resources;
  • promote scientific advantage in priority domains, such as radio astronomy and geosciences;
  • provide leading-edge, supercomputing resources for researchers in Pawsey Partner institutions;
  • enable wider adoption of and benefit from supercomputing across Australia.

When requesting access, prospective users should consider the range of resources available and the allocation schemes that we offer to gain access. Pawsey staff are available to assist with any queries, which should be directed to

The process for gaining access to Pawsey supercomputers is:
  1. Register on the Pawsey allocation portal
  2. Complete the form to apply for an allocation
  3. Application is assessed
  4. Project Leader is notified of allocation result
  5. Accounts are created and access granted

For more information, please refer to the following pages.




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