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This page contains details for the new Nimbus hardware, how to start using it, and relevant dates around the old and new equipment.

This page:

New Flavours

Each instance has a 'flavour' which determines how much RAM and how many virtual CPU cores the instance has access to. With the release of the refreshed Nimbus, the details of these flavours have changed to better align with the new hardware. The following table shows equivalent flavours between the old and new:

Old FlavourCPU CoresRAM
New FlavourCPU CoresRAMNotes
n3.16c64r1664GBAvailable upon request

Apply to use Nimbus

To begin using the new Nimbus hardware, submit an application at Pawsey's application portal.  Detailed how-to is given here

IMPORTANT: All projects now have a six-month validity period, after which an application must be submitted for an extension if continued Nimbus use if required.

If you have an existing Nimbus project, you need to apply for an extension on the application portal.

Begin using Nimbus

If you are new to Nimbus, you can review Nimbus documentation, view a short video, access training material, or view upcoming training events.

If you have an existing project and want to migrate your instance(s) to the new hardware, you have two options:

  • Follow the migration instructions, until the deadline for instance migrations. See the table below for key dates.
  • If you want assistance with migration, sign up for one of our migration sprints, during which our staff will help you.

The old Nimbus equipment will be decommissioned, so if you do not want to migrate, you will need to move your data to other storage by the cut off date as shown below.

Information Sessions

Pawsey staff will be running online information sessions and Pawsey Hours to provide you with general information about the new system. Staff can answer your questions about the application process, instance migration, or how to get started. See the Dates table below for the details and the link to access the sessions.

Migration Sprints

Pawsey staff are running migration sprints to assist existing users with getting their instances running on the new hardware. These sessions will centre on the migration instructions. To receive support in migration, sign up for one of the sprints on the sign up link.

Below are key dates about Nimbus, including links to relevant material.



Application portal open

11:00 - 11:30

Information session - Webex video conference details:

11:00 - 11:30

Information session - Webex video conference details:

 11:00 - 11:30

Information session - Webex video conference details:


New hardware available to all users


Migration sprint #1 Sign up here


Migration sprint #2 Sign up here


Migration sprint #3 Sign up here


Deadline: All instance migrations complete

Data from non-renewing projects moved to other storage


Old equipment decommissioned


All old instances deleted
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