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This page contains details of the Nimbus hardware and how to start using it

This page:


Each instance has a 'flavour' which determines how much RAM and how many virtual CPU cores the instance has access to.  The following table shows relevant flavours:

FlavourCPU CoresRAMNotes

Apply to use Nimbus

To begin using Nimbus, submit an application at Pawsey's application portal.  Detailed how-to is given here

IMPORTANT: All projects now have a six-month validity period, after which an application must be submitted for an extension if continued Nimbus use if required (an automated email will be sent with a link to a pre-filled form).

All Nimbus projects also get 1TB of Acacia object storage automatically (can request up to 10TB) via the application portal page.

Begin using Nimbus

If you are new to Nimbus, you can review Nimbus documentation, view a short video, access training material, or view upcoming training events.

Information and Training Sessions

Pawsey periodically has information and training sessions.  They will updated here

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