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Pawsey regularly offers trainings to its user community, in order to bridge the gap between research and supercomputing. This includes introductory courses on Pawsey, Supercomputing, Cloud computing and Linux, as well as more advanced courses on MPI, OpenMP and GPU programming. Sessions on visualisation and data are offered too. Descriptions of the available training courses are detailed at Course Description and the schedule of the year is at Pawsey Training.

To help build more capacity in computational science in Australia, Pawsey also offers Summer Internships to university students, where interns are put into challenging research projects, supervised by leading researchers, and tackle problems using the world-class supercomputing resources at Pawsey. It is a great way to complement their discipline knowledge with hands-on experiences. It also benefits the supervisors and sponsors by exploring advanced computing technologies in their research areas. More details are available at Summer Internships 2016.

Other than user training and student internships, Pawsey also organise events such as Pawsey Fridays, Bioinformatics Symposium and Pawsey Roadshow. All these can be found at the Pawsey Events page and circulated to the Pawsey Friends mailing list as well. Subscribe to keep updated on all the Pawsey events. 

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