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The Director's Share is used at the discretion of the Director of the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.  Broadly this covers all uses that would not be eligible for the competitive merit schemes.

The Director's Share is not used to top up allocations made under the competitive merit schemes.  Doing so would undermine the independence of those processes.

Typical uses of the Director's Share include:

  • Access to supercomputers for provision of training courses
  • Porting, evaluating and benchmarking of software, in anticipation that this will assist a subsequent competitive merit application (i.e. a startup grant)
  • Access for non-research purposes, such as generation of data products for researchers, or software development
  • Access by government agencies
  • Commercial access by industry
  • Extraordinary research, such as urgent assistance in civil emergencies.

Available Resources

The Director's Share has 5% of Magnus available.  A Director's Share project on Magnus would also have access to the Zeus cluster, which may be used for appropriate types of processing.

A typical Director's Share allocation on Magnus is 50,000 core hours.


The project leader must hold a substantive position at an Australian organisation conducting research.  The organisation and the project leader are responsible for the use of the resources by project members.

Students are not eligible to be the project leader, but may be a project member.

Assessment Criteria

For a Director’s allocation, an applicant is not expected to provide the same level of information as for meritorious schemes. In particular, information pertaining to the project team needs only to provide sufficient detail to allow Pawsey to confirm the team’s ability to achieve the project’s documented goals.

At a minimum, a project title, short description and computational methodology must be given.

Application Form and Process

Applications for the Director's Share must be submitted online via the Pawsey Allocation Portal.  For Magnus, the Director's Share is closed while the call for competitive merit applications is open, in Sep-Oct each year.

For urgent extraordinary access, it is recommended to contact the Pawsey Helpdesk in the first instance.

For Director's Share, not all fields of the standard form are required to be filled out.  The application form for Director's Share requires the following information:

Merit Allocation submission requirements (Director's Share)
  1. Summary
    1. Title
    2. Short description
    3. Field of Research codes (FOR Codes)
    4. List of participants
  2. Research Proposal
    1. Research significance
    2. Computational methodology
    3. Resource request
    4. Applications, tools and libraries required

Typically the resource request can be set to 50,000 core hours, and storage request fields can be left blank.

The short description and computational methodology should align to the intent of the Director's Share, such as if it will be used for benchmarking new software to prepare for a competitive merit application.

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