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The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre provides capabilities for building, utilising, and sharing research data products.


Our resource capabilities consist of two flavours:

  • warm tier - intended to support scalable responsive workflows,
  • cool tier - intended to support workflows involving large datasets and less frequent access patterns.

Pawsey users are automatically eligible for a warm tier allocation through these services:

  • project storage - a 1TB (expandable to 10TB) shared allocation available to all computing and visualisation projects,
  • private storage - a personal 100GB allocation made available to individual users.

For all other requirements, such as larger allocations or access to cool tier, you must submit a managed storage application.

Getting started

The tools for accessing and utilising these data services will depend on the resource tier(s) you require for your workflows.

Please navigate to the acacia guide if you are using warm tier only, for example:

  • project storage
  • private storage
  • /group users

Please navigate to the mediaflux guide if you are using both warm and cool tiers, for example:

  • data portal users
  • pshell users
  • HPC HSM /project users
Policy compliance

Please note that all services are subject to the standard Pawsey Conditions of Use.

In addition, use of the storage services is subject to the Data Storage and Management Policy.